Wishes, Hope, Miracles: Life

It’s 11:11 make a wish,make a wish.

It’s your birthday, blow the candle, make a wish, make a wish.


I wish for pure joy,

I wish to be the bright ray of light,

I wish to be whole,

I wish to be the star,

I wish to be the moon.

I wish to be a wish someone wishes for.


We wish and we wish,

But the one who we wish for might not always be the one who wishes for us.


11:11 make a wish,

I wish I was a free bird.


Wishes might not always come true,

But sometimes it does.


11:11 wishes,

Birthday wishes,

Wishes and wishes,

We hope for a miracle.


Miracle, Miracle, Miracles,

They do happen,



There is always hope,

A hope for the miracle,

That our wishes might come true.


Wishes, Hope, Miracles.

Hold on life.