You were my sunshine, 

I looked up at the sun searching for you, 

My shadows left behind,

Still haunting me.


I turned around and saw you, 

My shadows disappeared.


The Story of The Many Marthas

Martha looks in the mirror.

All she could see was darkness, a dull face, pimples, blackheads and everything people define as ‘Ugly’.

She cried and thought to herself, “Never have I ever felt pretty nor have I loved my body and my face. They say inner beauty is what matters but looking at the reality I guess that’s just a saying because no-one loves you unless you’re pretty. I look at my face, I see everything I hate, I tell myself it’s okay maybe because I’m stuck with myself forever and nothing can change how I look or how I am.”

This is what goes on in the mind of many “Marthas” struggling to be what society defines as ‘Beautiful’.

But little did they know how beautiful they already are for being who they are.

How beautiful they are when they smile from within with an open heart,

How beautifully strong they are when their tears fall down but their spirit never does,

How beautifully brave they are to have chosen to move forward despite all the hurdles.

No matter how overrated it may seem to say  it a million times that our beauty lies inside but its the truth. Your true beauty lies in your kindness, in your smile, in your tears, in your courage, in you.

Wishes, Hope, Miracles: Life

It’s 11:11 make a wish,make a wish.

It’s your birthday, blow the candle, make a wish, make a wish.


I wish for pure joy,

I wish to be the bright ray of light,

I wish to be whole,

I wish to be the star,

I wish to be the moon.

I wish to be a wish someone wishes for.


We wish and we wish,

But the one who we wish for might not always be the one who wishes for us.


11:11 make a wish,

I wish I was a free bird.


Wishes might not always come true,

But sometimes it does.


11:11 wishes,

Birthday wishes,

Wishes and wishes,

We hope for a miracle.


Miracle, Miracle, Miracles,

They do happen,



There is always hope,

A hope for the miracle,

That our wishes might come true.


Wishes, Hope, Miracles.

Hold on life.