You were my sunshine, 

I looked up at the sun searching for you, 

My shadows left behind,

Still haunting me.


I turned around and saw you, 

My shadows disappeared.


The Story of The Many Marthas

Martha looks in the mirror.

All she could see was darkness, a dull face, pimples, blackheads and everything people define as ‘Ugly’.

She cried and thought to herself, “Never have I ever felt pretty nor have I loved my body and my face. They say inner beauty is what matters but looking at the reality I guess that’s just a saying because no-one loves you unless you’re pretty. I look at my face, I see everything I hate, I tell myself it’s okay maybe because I’m stuck with myself forever and nothing can change how I look or how I am.”

This is what goes on in the mind of many “Marthas” struggling to be what society defines as ‘Beautiful’.

But little did they know how beautiful they already are for being who they are.

How beautiful they are when they smile from within with an open heart,

How beautifully strong they are when their tears fall down but their spirit never does,

How beautifully brave they are to have chosen to move forward despite all the hurdles.

No matter how overrated it may seem to say  it a million times that our beauty lies inside but its the truth. Your true beauty lies in your kindness, in your smile, in your tears, in your courage, in you.

Dear you

Dear you, 

You stepped onto this world waiting for 9 months inside your mother’s womb, made from  stardusts and magic, which makes you ‘You’.

Dear you, 

You will grow up, you are growing up everyday and you make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and you will be able to  climb those stakes no matter how high it is.

Dear you,

Sometimes life has a way of knocking you down, draining you physically and emotionally, you might feel tired and lost. Remember its not forever life is this way, there are/will be days when you wake up and everything will feel alright again, it will.

Dear you,

Sometimes you might feel alone in a world full of 7 billion people. Learn to enjoy the ‘alone’ its not bad to be alone. Sometimes you need ‘you’ time to learn about you and life.

Dear you,

Sometimes you might get struck with feeling of loneliness and feel like you deserve no-one and feel like no-one likes you. Remember, life is full of people that haven’t got to know you if they did they would be awestruck by the unique you. You’re not made for everybody. You’re unique, you’re you and you’re not alone.

Dear you,

You bring joy, happiness and love in someone’s life at the same time you might make mistakes, might hurt someone and might make someone feel low. Learn to accept the good and the bad in you. Try to conquer the bad with the good in you.

Dear you, 

Somedays you listen to music and the goosebumps take over your body. The memories, the feelings, the emotions rushes back, take note of those moments. Let it out, its okay to feel things.

Dear you, 

Sometimes you are surrounded by so much joy, life feels bright and blue as the summer sky, remember it , capture it , enjoy it.

Dear you, 

Life has a way of fluctuating from high and low, it brings you everything and sometimes might take away something but it still goes on.

Dear you, 

You’re you, ‘You’ among the 7 billion, ‘You’ make someone happy, ‘You’ might make someone UGHHH too, You’re not made for everyone yet you’re made for someone, You’re allowed to be happy and sad as well, learn to be whole and learn to accept any way you are and never stop learning, feeling, spreading love & an arm around someone and please don’t forget enjoying ‘you’, You’re amazing for being ‘You’.

Wishes, Hope, Miracles: Life

It’s 11:11 make a wish,make a wish.

It’s your birthday, blow the candle, make a wish, make a wish.


I wish for pure joy,

I wish to be the bright ray of light,

I wish to be whole,

I wish to be the star,

I wish to be the moon.

I wish to be a wish someone wishes for.


We wish and we wish,

But the one who we wish for might not always be the one who wishes for us.


11:11 make a wish,

I wish I was a free bird.


Wishes might not always come true,

But sometimes it does.


11:11 wishes,

Birthday wishes,

Wishes and wishes,

We hope for a miracle.


Miracle, Miracle, Miracles,

They do happen,



There is always hope,

A hope for the miracle,

That our wishes might come true.


Wishes, Hope, Miracles.

Hold on life.


Balloons of life

I am in the present writing this and when the sun rises and tomorrow comes its a whole new day, the time I spent writing this becomes yesterday. Isn’t it astounding how fast today becomes yesterday and tomorrow becomes today ? The present makes us feel alive, the past gives us memories and the future gives us hope.            

Days are changing, we are moving forward and every time we look back at our life without our knowledge so many things change. Yesterday, we were this little kid running after the balloons like its the most amazing thing in the world, holding the balloons in our hands and playing with it lost in our own beautiful world. We used to find joy in every little thing even helping our mom while cleaning room, cooking and helping dad in his works, we used to be this happy little kids unafraid of the world and just moving forward without worrying what’s in for us down the road. We were innocent. 

Now that childhood has become our memories which will always be cherished and the memories which gives us both happiness and sometimes pain, pain that those wonderful days will never come back again even if we want it to. Now, we are in the present, young full of running towards the future with curiosity, hope and with this energy in our young heart. We are moving forward each and every day and leaving our tender age step by step backwards.Today, that amazing balloons may seem like this round shape rubber filled with air to us which has nothing to do even if it stays or flies away. The little things in which we used to find happiness once turns the other way round and all we are is surrounded by sadness, unsatisfaction and pain now that we understand whats really behind this world which once we thought was filled with happiness.We are so focused on the problems of our life that we forget to value the little things in life and bloom it with happiness. 

Tomorrow is unpredictable. What once was everything to us maybe will mean nothing to us tomorrow, what once we thought we could never live without becomes the least thing we want to live with again. Tomorrow we will realise the importance of that balloon, then we will  try to hold it so tight with the fear that it would fly away from us and never come back again. We change, we grow, we move with the flow along with time. We are all moving towards the dark and wonderful unknown,to the road which is invisible but we are still moving forward into it with faith and hope.

 We never know whats in for us down the road, we never know what’s going to happen. Today is important, make the best of today, treasure the ones you love, treasure every moment even the little things like helping mom in the kitchen and dad in his work, having fun with friends,every single thing. We never know whats coming, so enjoy every day,every hour, every minute and every second of your life. Let the today make you feel proud of you tomorrow and the yesterday make you feel content without any regrets. The journey of life has many ups and downs, learn to hold that balloon tight and also learn to let go of it if needed.


Learn to hold that balloon tight and also learn to let go of it if needed.